In need of some help

I would like to use ezWifibroadcast for fpv but I can’t get the OSD to work.I get an video image alright and the radio telemetry from the Raspberry Pi Tx is being displayed on a monitor. So, video is good but MAVLINK telemetry data is not so good.

How do you connect and change the setup to get a working OSD? I’m not too sure. I’ve tried making changes to the telemetry 2 settings. I was going on the assumption I only need to connect the Tx on the Pixhawk Cube Telem2 to the Raspberry Pi Rx serial port. I think I’ve done this correctly but is this correct? Am I on the right track? I have yet to see anything on the NET by way of a step-by-step guide.

I’ve seen similar examples but none that use a Pixhawk Cube so I really can’t follow their settings or setup.

ezWifibroadcast is a great idea. HDMI video for a couple of hundred dollars (in AU$ that is) Why aren’t more people using it? I don’t understand.

Someone help me plz!

Thanks People. Seeya.

I can’t help you now …
But thanks to your post I’ve discovered this great open source project.
I will build one in the next days.
I’ll tell you later if it works with my pixhawk 3 pro.

Have you read this page ?

This video shows the connector (beetween 8:17 and 9:30) :
Connecting Raspberry Pi w/ Pixhawk and Communicating via MAVLink Protocol

note : don’t use the red line (+5V) to power the Pi

Did it, done it, great! :smiley:

In case someone is still trying to get the OSD working, you have to set how often the parameters get sent in Mission Planer (seems like WiFi broadcast doesn’t request the mavlink messages).

I can look at home which parameters you have to set

Edit: There you go: https://github.com/rodizio1/EZ-WifiBroadcast/wiki/RC-~-RC-with-Ardupilot#flight-controller-serial-port-setup-via-mission-planner

Development has continued in the form of OpenHD. The new qopenhd allows configuration of everything via touchscreen from official pi display, android app, iOS app, windows and Linux

Thanks for informing me of the change. I will go try. Again, thanks.

Also have a look at the collection of videos here;

These are newer-