I have 2 Rapsberry 3B and a 7 inch screen to make my station with ez wifibroadcast. I would like to have a range of about 9-10 km with my plane, with a delay of about 300 ms maximum.
Anyone have any wifi adapters or antennas to recommend?

Do I need an antenna tracker?

i would use a 8dbi patch antenna, and Ubiquiti Wifistation EXT or Ubiquiti Wifistation and dipol antennas on the plane.

with that you can have 10km range, and you have to aim the patch routhly in the direction of the plane, no tracker needed.

You mean this? I think it’s very small, don’t you?

no, this is a 5.8ghz antenna, you would need a 2.4ghz antenna with the adabpters i suggested.
what is your control frequency or do you use wifibroadcast as rc control link?

Thank you for your answer :slight_smile:
I will use the taranis 9x, I would like to be able to work with ez wifibroacast for remote control.

yes that is possible, just use usb cable and plug it directly to the raspi, works fine.
but be sure to test all failsave settings!

I see that the Ubiquiti Wifistation EXT is not available on the Internet.

In the end I would have:
Air -> rapsberry pi3 + pi cam + dipole antennas (2.4Ghz)
Ground -> rapsberry pi3 + pi screen + TP-Link-TL-ANT2409A