Extreme YAW on take off

Hi Developer Team,

I have problem on my quad:
Extreme Yaw/rudder on take off after repair from previous crash.
Previous crash was because of lost propeller on normal hover, it was hover quite stable before lost one of propeller.

Video on yaw problem when take off:

Log file with 3.1.5 + IMU added:

Check list Perform:
TX trim checked.
APM output cable checked.
Motors & Props rotation checked.
ESC Calibration checked.
(Motor spin on same speed with no load during ESC calibration)

Suspect on one of ESC’s or motors was broken during the crash, but how to determine which one is broken?
Any ideas?

Many thanks in advance.

Motor 3 & 4 was spin faster than motor 1 & 2 as shown on below log:

dropbox.com/s/s3e8epxk6byl8 … -21-30.log

More confuse then ever…

The CW motor was spinning faster because one of the Quick Detach Propeller adapter was broken and the prop is not “locked” down to the motor.
It spin quite already at ground level, but not fast enough for maintain hover or slow enough to raise my alert on the prop adapter problem.

Change the adapter and it fly well.

Thanks for the support.
Great firmware.