Extreme pitching when reaching towards Waypoint

Hi All

I am using AC 3.4.4 on my lagrge hexacopter.

I am having serious issue in Auto mode.
When the copter is close to the waypoint , MP reads "Reached command # 1 (or whatever the waypoint is) " at this moment copter brakes horribly and crosses the pitch angle limits UP and Down.

Interestingly , in AUTO mission when RTL is used copter reaches the waypoint smoothly without any awkward pitching.

I have flown dozens of AUTO missions doing different things to remove this bug but no success , anyone who kindly help me getting out of trouble would be greatly appreciated.

Most likely a generally bad tuning. Try to do some hard and fast inputs in stabilise mode, and you’ll see the same.
The behaviour at RTL and WP change its different, even on well tuned UAVs.