Extracting the extended Kalman filter values for location and attitude


I noticed that Ardupilot has a library (source code) that uses a Kalman filter to calculate the position and attitude using an acceleronmeter, gyro and other various measurements. If I have these values on hand (gyroscope etc.), is there any way to make use of the library and input these values to get accurate position and attitude measurements. Cheers.

Anthony Kalaitzis

Hi @Anthony_Kalaitzis
I would suggest looking at the github page of @priseborough , he has the inertial navigation scripts implemented also under Matlab/Simulink so you can post process them: https://github.com/priseborough/InertialNav . Another source is a Matlab comparison of EKF, UKF, Mahony etc. filters here: https://github.com/raimapo/AHRS

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