Extracting pitch, roll & yaw data for image mosaic

Aloha, I’m a grad student at the university of Hawaii and I’m using a 3DR X8+ with a FLIR thermal imaging camera with Teax thermal capture data collection system connected to it. It is being used to map cold water anomalies along the coastline of Maui. I’m working with a couple professors on this project and we have been attempting to mosaic the images I’ve collected so that they can be georeferenced for surface area calculations in ArcGIS, but there are a lot of difficulties involved.

The biggest issue is that the camera is not set to be triggered by the copter as per a normal aerial mapping mission with the X8 mapper setup due to the type of camera and data collection system being used. Mosaicing is not going as planned and I am now attempting to access the pitch, roll and yaw data so that we can use that info to project the images appropriately. The main problem I’m having is understanding the format in which the tlog files are created when exported out as a CSV file format and opened in excel.

I need to attempt to link images with the corresponding pitch roll and yaw by comparing time stamps of the tlog file with the image data files. Is this a lost cause? or is there an easy way of extracting out just the basic pitch, roll, yaw, lat and lon in a format that is understandable and perhaps user friendly? I’m using Mission Planner 1.3.31 to access the tlog files.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I’m interested in this as well. I’ll be doing a mapping/survey project soon can use all the information I can get my hands on. I know there will be variations in flight position and if I know what the inputs are I might be able to use that information to get a true zero hold.

Did you figure out how/what logs to use to get the correct pitch roll use data?

I am having the same problems at the moment
Have you reached to any results
Please contacte on my email if you solved this problem
Thank you and looking forward for hearing from you