Extract APM Planner 2 telemetry logs

Hi, I’m looking to do the following:

From another application, read the telemetry logs and extract the waypoints in real time. I know there are logs in a tlogs folder, but is there a way to tell APMPlanner to extract the desired data ( current GPS location of the drone) into another file in real time, so I don’t have to parse the logs and shift through all the unwanted information? Maybe with another ground station software, I’m not fixed on APM Planner

Another option would be to log this information to an on-line server to be saved into a database

Thank you!

This reply is probably 3 years late. I guess I will still post it anyway for anyone who needs it.
In Mission Planner, the settings for Tlogs are simply not granular enough to opt out logs that we don’t need. In the end, I settled with the DataFlash Log instead, simply because I could untick all the checkboxes except for “GPS” and “Current” (which I need) under the Log_Bitmask in the Standard Params page in Mission Planner. The *.log file that is written on the APM, now only has the GPS lines and the current/voltage sensor lines, so much ‘cleaner’. The only downside is I have to arm the APM each time for the APM to start logging. Flashing APM with the ArduPlane firmware instead of the ArduCopter firmware will enable the APM to start the DataFlash logging automatically after it powers up. However, the Log_Bitmask parameter of the ArduPlane expects an input of a bitmask numerical value that will turn on a combo of logs including those that we don’t need. Hence, I flashed my APM with ArduCopter and wrote a script in Python to parse the GPS lats and lons, as well as the voltage which is in fact the RSSI of my 5.8ghz video receiver. After grabbing the essentials, I wrote a couple more lines of codes to display a graphical plot of the coordinates in a pop-up Window. Here’s a demo video. http://www.tinyurl.com/apm-gps-plotter
The zip to my codes are in the video’s description.

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