Extra bright LED's for daytime line-of-sight flying

I have a couple strobes that are FAA compliant in the sense you can see them at dusk/night 3+ miles away.

But my question is regarding daytime flying - extending the distance I can see the position of the drone during the day.

So I’m looking for two solutions:

  1. For drones that are 200-250 grams (needing a very lightweight solution to stay under 250g), and

  2. For drones that are 1500-3000 grams (where the light(s) can weigh quite a bit - 200g or more? 500g?

I’m looking at both LED’s and LED “arrays” as well as flashlights with a “long throw” (or course realizing the “long throw” will narrow the beam, but that’s probably a trade-off I’m willing to make for longer distances).