External Wifi Communication between Companion RPI3 and PC

Could someone tell me what i have to do to use an external wifi on my companion RPI3 ?

Simplest is to follow the instructions here: https://goodrobots.github.io/maverick/current/#/?id=raspberryraspberry-lite-instructions or here: http://ardupilot.org/dev/docs/apsync-intro.html
There’s some useful info on setting the hardware up here: https://github.com/rodizio1/EZ-WifiBroadcast/wiki/Hardware-~-Proper-Wiring

I have this one MT7601U , i must change something in APSync image to make my companion computer RPI3 to use this wifi dongle?

I bought a Huawei 3G modem stick. It works with Ubuntu ans i chose odroid xu4. It runs the os pretty smooth on a 32gb extreme pro microsd.