External sensor readings in Mission Planner? How to receive sensor readings?

Hi there,

I am new to using ArduPilot/Mission Planner on the Aurelia X6 Standard drone. I am trying to connect an external CO2 sensor to the drone somehow, by way of an Adafruit METRO 328 with an ATmega328P microcontrolle`r on it (micro USB connection).

How would this affect the output I see in Mission Planner? I could potentially connect my sensor to the drone’s Pixhawk, but I am not sure how.

And is this possible, or does Mission Planner/ArduPilot only show built-in variables for the drone? Is there some other way to communicate data packets from external sensors into the drone that can be processed? (example: reading of 400ppm of CO2)

If anyone knows of an Aurelia Aerospace forum (for the Aurelia X6 Standard drone), that would be incredibly helpful as well.

Thank you so much!