External GPS Lock LED?

Does 3.0.0 have the external GPS Lock LED capability.

Plane does seem to have left this out? It is very hard to see inside the foam fuselage and I have made the mistake of assuming lock once to often!

Can we also assume that the APM2.6 is ok to run this new code. (New KF? and floating point capability)
Or is it only for Pixhawk?



Only the Pixhawk has the capability to run the Extended Kalman Filter (EKF).

You can run the latest Arduplane firmware on your APM2.6 without out a problem.

I always use telemetry so that I can see how many sats have been acquired and the resulting HDOP. Then there is no issue as to when it is good to launch.



I don’t have telemetry? Isn’t that a load more weight and money? Not to meantion the ground part. Which I don’t have. If it was say £20 and 3g airbourne weight to add it then it might be worth it.

Not sure why plane code section to assign leds cannot be the same as copter software is a problem.

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