External GPS and compass

I have been using an M8N GPS/Compass combo on my Arduboat mounted outside the hull in a waterproof box. The Arduboat is too large to calibrate the compass by rotating the entire vehicle and removing the M8N connector multiple times has caused slop in the connector.

I would like to mount the M8N GPS receiver and compass inside the hull and route a waterproof GPS antenna outside via a coax cable. I can either use a combo GPS/Compass or separate the GPS Rx and I2C compass.

jDrones has what I need but is out-of-stock so I’m looking for a similar product

GPS w/ external antenna

GPS/Compass combo with external antenna (out of stock)

Standalone External Compass (out of stock)

I’ve ping’d some of the other developer to see if they have any ideas…

My suggestion would be to have a look at
They also have mag breakouts

Here, you can use the u.fl connector to attach an antenna, or solder an sma connector to the pads, or solder a coax cable directly to the pads