External Compass does not work with Pixhawk

Hi 3DR Support,

I recently received my first Pixhawk. Everything works fine except the external compass. The compass itself works with my APMs - so it seems to be a Pixhawk problem. I also tested another compass that is working with my APMs on the Pixhawk - same result.
The Pixhawk detects the external compass but the compass test in CLI mode only shows 0 or nan for all values. As soon as I unplug the external compass the internal compass shows correct readings (see attachment).
So my simple question is there anything else I can test or is this Pixhawk defective?




that is strange: after some reset, erase and reboots Mission Planner now detects the external compass in CLI mode test/compass. But, when I connect again to the Flight Data screen the external compass is not working but the internal one.

Any idea?


Here is some explanation: