External Barometer to be primary

Hello everyone,
I have managed to enable barometer in Here 2 GPS module through UAVCAN and I have realized that scaled_pressure messages are being displayed in MAVLink Inspector in MP. There are 3 barometers recognized by the autopilot. If I disconnect Here 2 while the Cube is powered and autopilot has settled, scaled_pressure message stops but scaled_pressure2 and scaled_pressure3 is still updating.
Should I assume that external barometer inside Here 2 is already considered to be primary? Without setting the AP parameter GND_PRIMARY? I thought I must set GND_PRIMARY to ‘2’ which says 3rd barometer to be primary. How does ArduPlane distinguish barometers?
Thanks in advance.

At the moment there is not proper config for this, I was playing just last night. They have done some great work on this with the Mags and there is a pull request for similar options for Baro as well but it’s not here yet.

You need to try and work out what one is what and set it Ardu orders it.

The way Ardu prioritised CAN devices used to be behind internal SPI and then I2C or Serial however this has also been played with.

That sounds like yes setting it to from what your saying.

Thank you for your response @MadRC Ok, I would set and test it but I will never be able to know which sensor is primary anyway. Where should I start to look to figure out how Ardu orders it? I am not expert of complex AP codebase.