External baro support is missing in AC3.4.1


Is it possible that external pressure sensor is not supported in AC 3.4.1 or is there just a bug?
I tryed the gy-63 and the MS5611 from drotek, connected via I2C to Dropix 2.1 hardware. Arducopter 3.4.1 Firmware.
Set GND_PRIMARY to 1. but it doesn’t work.
Is there something I have missed?

Btw. the drotek one could change the i2c adress. Which one is the correct addr?

The problem is still existing :wink:

Cant belive that my question is so difficult, that no one reply.
Did I something wrong?

How can I select the adress of the sensor in AC? I cant find any parameter in mission planner!?

Hi Tom,

I believe support for this is the same as before. I think the I2C address should be 0x76 or 0x77. If you can’t get it to work then share a log.

Hi Francisco,

sorry for my late reply, but I no longer believed that someone would answer

Thank you very much!

Here is a log of my yesterday test flight:

How can I be sure that the external pressure sensor is working?

Would ne nice to get reply !