External Baro Sensor on CAN

In looking at the GND_EXT_BUS setting it says “This selects the bus number for looking for an I2C barometer” Is there a setting to enable a Baro sensor on the CAN bus?

I am currently using both a Zubax’s GNSS 2 with Baro as well as the new CUAV NEO 2 Pro CAN GPS which has a MS5611 Baro Sensor.

What settings would I change to enable and use this baro sensor?



Or does the following show that I have already enabled the external Baro Sensor… It looks like it to me.

Hardware is CUAV V5+ FC

Looks like I answered my own question.

I just enabled the baro on my Zubax and prior I only had a single scaled_pressure. Now after enabling it I have both Scaled_Pressure and Scaled_Pressure2

So it looks like it is seeing the data from both

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With the cuav gps, it’s worth checking. I thought they shipped without the baro enabled by default: so if you have a flight controller with two baros (like a Cube), it might be misleading

I enabled it.

And the cuav v5+ has a single baro in it, so the second baro reading must be from the gps

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We’ve got an enhancement request here to add device ids for the barometers so users can more easily figure out which barometer is in use. It came up in another thread as well so hopefully we will get it added eventually.