Extensions in Mavlink

Hi all,

I’m trying to send custom data in “mavlink_msg_servo_output_raw_send” by replacing v[8]-v[15] in to my custom data but I keep getting 0 in this values shown in mission planner.

I noticed that all the v[8]-v[15] of SERVO_OUTPUT_RAW in common.xml are “extensions” but from what Iv’e read here - Handling message extensions I still should see those fields.

Why I cannot see those and how can I fix it without re-generating this message?

Arducopter: 3.5.0-rc4
MissionPlanner: 1.3.52

Thanks, Gal

You need to switch to mavlink2 in order to make those messages work.
Futhermore you will need to see if the source code supports those extensions.

How do I switch to mavlink2?
Just by changing the SERIAL*_PROTOCOL parameter?

First hit on google: