Extending the range of an already built drone

I’m looking to expand the range of my hexacopter to 20-40 Km. I know one immediate solution would be to just buy a herelink device or something similar but I do actually prefer my Taranis QX7 so I don’t want to switch to that one. I know for regular telemetry I can just replace my current 3DR module to a DF modem but I really don’t know what I can do for the FPV transmitter and my Taranis QX7. Currently, I’m using the X8R btw. Any help would be appreciated!

Check out the RFD TXMODV2. It will do RC and telemetry in one link.

Hey, I did look at it. It looks awesome though I can’t find it’s range being explicitly mentioned anywhere plus I’ll have to check if I can actually get it in my country. Though I still don’t know what I can do for the FPV, so any other suggestions would be appreciated.

Also just wanted to add: the smart port on my x8r is being used and I’m using flightdeck aside from the 3dr radio I have installed on my craft.

Maybe the SIYI HM30. I don’t know if the FrSky R9M would fit the bill. But further, can your hexacopter fly half that distance, assuming no wind condition?

Good luck.

My hexacopter is too big and has a few features (telemetry radio’s frequency is too low apparently so I can’t fly it) which I believe I cannot test for any range larger than 500m so basically I always need to have a visual view of it. Few of the reasons for this is due to regulations being overtly strict in my country, weight boundations on unlicensed drones and me being 8 km away (regulations disallow any UAVs closer than 5 km from any airspace irrespective of altitude) from an airspace where my drone would definitely get gunned down or something else (I’m close to an air force base). I would try to test the range but I just can’t take a chance so I rlly just need something that has been tested at those ranges before. The only one I’ve actually seen is the herelink so that’s why I was wondering whether I could replace my entire setup with it since honestly, it’d be much easier to have an all in one groundstation-fpv radio but idk if it’d be worth the price plus all the reassembly and also the switch from a Frsky TX running OpenTX. I’m planning to sell my hexacopter actually to a
mapping/geo-reconnaissance firm or something since I can’t really use it to it’s full potential. I’m guessing they probably wouldn’t want it if it were just able to fly a mere 1-2km off so I’m upgrading the radios.

R9M would fit the bill

It does fit the bill actually, just checked and it’s available here where Im located but would it actually work for 20+ Km? Usually it’s much more expensive as far as I’ve seen…

I don’t think so. I have several vehicles using the R9 system and even with a directional Tx antenna I don’t get anywhere near that.

The RFD Txmod with a RFD modem/radio on your multirotor is a reliable and well tested setup that lets you use a range of transmitters and get Yaapu. Range is quoted at 40km line of sight. For FPV the challenge is harder. RubyFPV is in active development with a sole developer but he has been making huge advancements and lots of releases. Another big plus is he has a forum that lets you talk directly to him. OpenHD is another project of interest but as you can see no new release for the past two years. There are many discussion channels for this project its hard to keep up. Still works though and the community is all about long distance FPV. Both projects use onboard Raspberry Pi.