Extended USB interface for updating firmware

We all have trouble doing firmware updates or log downloads where the flight controller is hidden under a ball of wires and cable ties, or is mounted within some fuselage or cavity, making the USB socket inaccessible.
And there is always the worry of damaging the USB connector and having to replace the flight controller!

I’ve recently found and purchased this USB extender cable and connector set
It contains a Micro-USB plug and USB-C plug to connect to a flight controller, a cable, and a USB-C socket for external connection.
The connectors and cabling is light weight and flexible, so minimum chance of enhancing vibrations, unlike normal stiff USB leads.

I have no relationship with HGLRC, just thought it was a very useful product that nearly everyone can use.


magnetic usb data cables are really useful as you dont need to be able to push and pull the connector in, you just need to get it close and it will grab on. good for when you can see the port but just cant get finger access to it.

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Be careful with additional onboard magnets. They may spoil the compass sensor / magnetometer.
Don’t ask how I know…


I always disable the onboard compass chips as they are almost always useless.

In Aliexpress, all shapes, μUSB and USB-C.

Yes but the problem is when they have stiff cables with some weight - they interfere with the antivibration system and usually enhance vibrations.
The connector at the flight controller must be the minimum possible weight, and the cable must be very flexible and also light weight.

If that is a concern, choose from above a cable with ample length, or simply cut the cover out.

Many times (rovers) you need a wall mount on one end. For the most universal solution, get the connectors needed, possibly on PCB for easy assembly, and make your own cable soldering 32 or 28 AWG silicone wires.

Yes, agreed. I’ve cut off the covers and also stripped away stiff outer insulation from USB cables. I’ve also purchased the individual connectors to make up my own more flexible, light weight cable.

Just thought I would highlight this product since it takes all the hard work out of the equation, and just works.