Extended Tuning Possible Bug

In Mission Planner 1.3.70 build 1.3.7431.6390 there appears to be a bug in extended tuning Tune Max and Min are always showing the same value and the label is missing for Max

The values for TUNE_MAX and TUNE_MIN are also not displaying correctly in the full parameter list

You could call that a bug but it’s existed for a while. Don’t use the Extended Tuning screen to set Tune parameters. Simply set them in the Full Parameter list. I have not found them to be wrong there unless you mess them up by setting them again from the Extended Tuning screen.

please report stuff like this. i never knew it was a problem.
ive just fixed it for the next beta

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Yea, OK. I’m in the habit of updating to Beta regularly and just assume these kinds of things get fixed rather quickly. Usually they do!

Note: One point that was brought up today about the units for WP Speed between the Extended Tuning and the Full Parameter list. The former is in dekameters/s and the later is in cm/s. As far as I know it has always been this way and have just adjusted.

@Michael_Oborne Thanks

The full param list will always be raw units. ie whatever the autopilot exports them as.

the custom screen’s normally try to make it friendly units. so if i read that right, thats what i expect.

Another bug in extended tuning. Mission Planner 1.3.70 1.3.7444.10913.
Values in min/max fields multiplied by 1000 times (i.e for tune min=0.08 max=0.2 in full param list TUNE_MIN=80 TUNE_MAX=200). Unexpected value for Rate roll/pitch kP…

@Michael_Oborne I experienced the same bug as @speakerx yesterday when trying to tune a 25kg X8 copter. The values in the min/max fields are multiplied by 1000 (I entered in .100 min, .200 max, the gains in flight were 100 and 200). This was on Mission Planner 1.3.72 build 1.3.7463.24854.

This was my first time experiencing this bug since 2014.