ExpressLRS telemetry

I’m not able to get telemetry working, I configured as reported on this tutorial but I have no sensors on the radio. The fc is a Matek 765 with Ardupilot 4.2.3.

Anybody have the same issue?

Which FC is it exactly? Matek F765* there are several …

To which UART or SERIALx did you connect the RX?

Probably a BRD_ALT_CONFIG=1 already helps …

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It’s a Matek F765-Wing. BRD_ALT_CONFIG=1 did the trick, now I have all sensors! Now I need to understand why Yaapu script doesn’t work, after the first initialization it stops working.

Make sure you start sensor discovery on your transmitter. Also, keep telemetry packet ratio very low. Use the dev version of the Yaapu script.

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I solved lowering the ratio to 1:4, thanks.