ExpressLRS technology

I’m currently using ExpressLRS technology.
I’ve wired my receiver to the Flight Controller but I don’t see anything in mission planner to suggest that the remote control message is being received.
How can I be sure that the remote control and the receiver are communicating?
How can I be sure that the receiver and Flight Controller are communicating?

Florian - go here: ExpressLRS Community

They are very responsive and will guide you thru the setup process.

Have you bound your receiver to the remote control transmitter?
If they are bound, when you turn on the transmitter and then powerup the receiver, the receiver LED should go from a slow flashing to solid on.
If the receiver LED is not solid on, then the receiver is not bound to the transmitter.


After configuring my autopilot like this:
RC_OPTIONS = 15146
MODE_CH = 12
And I changed my firmware for the one that corresponds to my card, i.e.: “KakuteH7Mini-NAND” and frankly compiled it this morning, I’m pleased to say that everything works correctly!