Exposing Map Class to python Script to plot Mesh Network

Hi All,

I’m trying to expose the map class to the python script runner so I can draw on top of the map live (lines between coordinates etc). I have setup a mesh network that I’m using to transmit telemetry and video back to mission planner, and would like to draw the location of these relay nodes (they have a GPS on them) on the map, alongside some lines to show the path of telemetry being received. I did start with running a SITL instance on each node to send back GPS, but still doesn’t solve the line issue.

I have looked into (and built the stock version) of MP in visual basic but unsure as to what I should be referencing (ClassInstance) when adding “scope.SetVariable(Variablename, ClassInstance);” taken from this page Using Python Scripts in Mission Planner — Mission Planner documentation. I have done some digging into the code and pretty sure its part of the GMAP class but I’m new to C# and how things are referenced.

The other option is if this is exposed through iron python anyway, without needing a custom build of mission planner (which would be nicer). Example 4 shows some use of setting waypoints, but errors when run MissionPlanner/example4 wp.py at master · ArduPilot/MissionPlanner · GitHub .

Any suggestions on where to look for reference material or direct help would be greatly appreciated.

yes it should be possible.

The flightdata and flight planner screen a exposed via static instances, and therefor so is the map

would need to work on an exmaple however unless you can figure it out with that hint

I have had a deep look and unfortunately my IronPython skill isnt enough to know what I should be calling to plot markers/lines. At the moment I’m using a TKinter separate window but not ideal