Exporting KML from MP into DJI Pilot

Hi there! I am trying to create an Auto WP flight path, export it to KML, and then import it into DJI Pilot as a Waypoint mission.

I am able to create a perfect flight path in MissionPlanner but from here things fall apart. I am able to Save as a .waypoints file or View KML which opens in Google Earth as a Network Link. I have tried trimming out columns of data to leave only latitude/longitude but they won’t open in DJI Pilot. DJI Pilot gives me errors of ‘Task Type Error’ or ‘Invalid KML file format’.

The only thing I have found that will work is creating the flight path in MP, opening to view in GE, and then tracing over it with the Path tool, saving/exporting as a KML, then importing that to DJI Pilot as a Waypoint Mission. But this process is far from scalable. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

(Using MissionPlanner 1.3.74 build 1.3.7563.27684 / DJI Pilot on SmartController)

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Did you ever find a solution, alot of Mavic 3 guys are chomping at the bit for this. They have added WP to the Mavic 3 with the latest update, so if you can do the conversion from KML to WPML, that would alot of functionality to the system…

I’ve still been using the workaround from the OP since then - opening the Network KML created by ArduPilot MP in Google Earth and tracing over it with the Path tool. Then saving the path as a KML and importing it as a Waypoint mission in DJI Pilot.

I’ll be getting access to a Mavic 3 Thermal soon which should allow for some testing but I’m not sure what the difference is between KML and WPML :grin:

It’d be really nice if we were able to import waypoint altitudes into DJI Pilot directly instead of having to edit them individually to mimic terrain following…

After you import, can you not edit the altitude in go fly, and apply all?

Adjusting the whole route works just fine in DJI Pilot - it changes all of the waypoints to the same alttiude or heading and etc.

For my work the aircraft has to remain a specific distance above the ground - editing the waypoint altitudes individually would be a lot easier on the computer (or in the KML text) instead of editing live on DJI Pilot one by one.

I’m thinking you could edit them in the controller after you load your mission, the new release for at least the Mavic 3 allows you to update one wp, and apply that data to all the others, so theoretically is you wanted fly all your points at 100ft, you would update just one wp and apply it to all the rest.