Exporting KML from MP into DJI Pilot

Hi there! I am trying to create an Auto WP flight path, export it to KML, and then import it into DJI Pilot as a Waypoint mission.

I am able to create a perfect flight path in MissionPlanner but from here things fall apart. I am able to Save as a .waypoints file or View KML which opens in Google Earth as a Network Link. I have tried trimming out columns of data to leave only latitude/longitude but they won’t open in DJI Pilot. DJI Pilot gives me errors of ‘Task Type Error’ or ‘Invalid KML file format’.

The only thing I have found that will work is creating the flight path in MP, opening to view in GE, and then tracing over it with the Path tool, saving/exporting as a KML, then importing that to DJI Pilot as a Waypoint Mission. But this process is far from scalable. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

(Using MissionPlanner 1.3.74 build 1.3.7563.27684 / DJI Pilot on SmartController)