Export / Import parameter form two diferent flight controllers

Hi everyone, Im changing my dron flight controller from a CUAV V5+ to a CUBE ORANGE. The drone already was flown by the previeus owner with the current parameters and configurations, including some tuning values. I was wondering if by saving the full parameters list from the CUAV V5+ as a .param file and loading it to the CUBE ORANGE, how good of a method that would be to make it as close to the original version as posible. I guess what Im asking is if this is a viable method to export and import parameter list form two diferent flight controllers, or if it will only work for identical models.

Sorry for the bad english and have a good day.

Good day,
so… i don’t suggest import the parameter in a different flight controller, the hardware of both flight controllers in your description are totally differents.

If the first controller is still available you can connect it to mission planner and save the parameters. When you set up your new Cube Orange you can “compare” your new parameters to what was in the original controller.

Like @Dave84 said, I wouldn’t recommend just copying over all the parameters from one to another. If you want to copy things like flight modes, and user settings it’s okay, but wouldn’t copy the flight parameters like PIDS or Trims. You’ll need to start from scratch with those.

Hi @Dave84 and @Allister, thank you for the response. Ive since then gone thru the Plane>First time setup and the Plane>Qplane> First time setup. Since the drone in question is a Foxtech BabyShark VTOL (13kg!!!) foxtechfpv.com/foxtech-baby-shark-vtol.html (i know, a bit of a suicidal proyect for a simpelton like me). Im at the point of trying to decide how is the best way to aproach the tuning process. Ive been reading both https://ardupilot.org/plane/docs/qautotune-mode.html and https://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/autotune.html and Im wondering if I could manualy copy all the Q_A_*** values from the original CUAV5+ into the ORANGE, as to start with a “tuned” PID parameters. I think deep inside im a bit scare to try to take off for the first time with default parameters haha

If it’s the same plane, and the same version of AP then it might work, at least as a starting point. I’ve never set up a Q plane so I don’t know it’s quirks.

Good day, well the two flight controllers are different.
Better now don’t import parameters to your new flight controllers…code can be different and also some parameters, better do a new tuning.