Explanation of RC##_Trim

Hi Chaps,

I have been trying to help SummX with his hex’s flip issue and noticed that in his log the RC##_trim for some channels is not 1500 and are near 1000 in a few cases, so I thought I wonder what they are in my logs for my home brew X8 that flies just fine and some of mine arn’t 1500 either.

Are these params used by arducopter? what is going on with them?



Yes they are used. And you be at mid stick values. This is instructed in the rc calibration procedure. The only one that doesn’t matter is Throttle RC3 AFAIU.

Ah ok, so they are inputs then not outputs…that is what threw me off! There seem to be many more channels than you can connect to even with SBus, I gues thats future proofing?

Cheers Bill