Experimenting with APM Plane software modifications

I am interested in making modifications to the APM 2.78 flight code to customize it for aerial photography.

I am very impressed with the capabilities of the existing software and I am getting myself familiar with the code.

I am an electrical engineer 20+years out of university so my programming skills are quite rusty. I realize I will need to get my c++programming skills greatly improved.

I am hoping that there may be software flow diagram(s) that would help me better understand the software and enable me to make modifications.

I am looking for any suggestions that may be available to help me quickly get up to speed experimenting with my APM 2.5.

Perhaps there are forums or resources available that would help me?



HI John

Please check out dev.ardupilot.com/

Join us on the drones-discuss google group.

Pardon our mess on the developers site. It has been neglected as we are working on the other sites, but I am always looking for new developers and especially new people who want to work on documentation.

Feel free to PM me as well.