Experiencing uncertainty with regard to "Firmware Update" MP

I now have my second CX20 having done major damage to my first one. Apart from structural damage, landing skids, props and both shells I had one major screw up which (perhaps unfairly) I place at the door of MP.

Somewhere (and I can no longer remember where) I read that the firmware on the autopilot should not be updated due to the differences in manufacture of some models and by doing so could render the quad unusable and yet the first screen on Initial Setup indicates that it is going to do just that (see jpg attached). Also under the tab “Initial Setup” there are 3 options: Install Firmware, Wizard, and Optional Hardware. I chose Install firmware and that was perhaps where I went wrong, from that point on I got continual beeping with no stopping it short of unplugging the USB, I realise that I should have chosen “Wizard”. I believe that at that point I bricked the control board. What is the difference between that selection and the one on the first page of Initial Setup? If I allow the programme to update the firmware on the board am I not going to “brick” my second CX20? I believe too that the flight controller model differs from model to model viz: Quanum Nova and Cheerson and a third one whose name I can’t remember.

I have asked this question on a number of boards and perhaps even this one and have never yet received an answer with enough detail to satisfy a rank beginner in drone flying. Essentially should I stick to a manual programming of my machine or risk another brick with MP?

Any and all advice will be appreciated and acknowledged. Regards Ewen Bogle