Expand Raw Sensor screen for > 8 channels?

Mr. Oborne,

I am thoroughly enjoying MP as I bring up Arduplane 3.81 on Pixhawk2.1/Cube, destined for a MyTwinDream. I find the Raw Sensor / Radio screen to be very helpful in debugging a complex setup with twin motors, two independent ailerons, two independent elevators, rudder, steerable tail wheel, camera trigger, pan & tilt FPV cam, etc.

Enhancement request for MP: expand the radio screen under Raw Sensor to display > 8 channels. I am currently using 12ch from my Futaba 14SG, but plan to go 16ch from Taranis at some point.

Of course I would be delighted to learn there is a way today to show all 12 channels. If so, please advise.