Excesive Takeoff Speed QuadPlane

I have a tilt rotor (vectored yaw) Nimbus 1800. I plan a mission that has VTOL takeoff set to 50 feet. I hit AUTO and up she goes nice and smooth. She hits 51 feet and transitions very nicely. She then climbs to about 150 feet, dips down to about 115 and then climbs to the first waypoints planned 350ft altitude (Relative).

I don’t like the dip as I do not know where its coming from. Any ideas on that one?
I would also like to limit the airspeed gained by the auto mode after it has transitioned to full fixed wing mode to just 40mph max, right now she will transition and hit upwards of 54mph. She can handle that, but there is no reason to gain that much speed. I cannot find the right parameter to change this.

Can anyone explain these two behaviors?