Example python script to leverage MAVProxy modules

Pretty new to MAVProxy and AP overall. I’m looking to generate a test python script that can run aperiodically (i.e., whenever prompted, for example, when a new UDP message is received) on a RasPi (my companion PC to Pixhawk) to set fence parameters using the mavproxy_fence module. I may be misunderstanding the purpose of the MAVProxy modules and I have read through the documentation, but do not understand what next steps I need to take. Are the functions defined in mavproxy_fence.py callable from an independent python script? Or is the fence module simply what enables the calls of the various “fence” commands, like “fence list” or “fence load filename.txt” once connected from running mavproxy.py? Should I, instead, be looking at generating a .scr file to accomplish updating geofence points, if they change periodically? Thx!