Evidence of pitch/roll stick switch in LOG file

I flew F550 Hexacopter with Pixhawk yesterday. It successfully took off and flew in AUTO mode as expected (front facing in direction of travel) and responded correctly to RTL. When I switched to LOITER I discovered the pitch/roll stick on my TX were switched somehow, so that up/down movement of stick produced right/left response in copter and left/right stick movement produced forward /back response in copter. I just managed to land it OK by rotating the TX in my hand.

The only thing changed since last (and many previous) successful flights was updating Mission Planner to 1.3.30 shortly before the flight.

I’ve posted this question here as I would like to see the evidence in the attached LOG from the flight that the pitch and roll were muddled up but I can’t figure out how. I hoped that I would see a mismatch between, for example DESROLL and ROLL, but they seem to track each other fine.

I’m using Arducopter 3.2, a Taranis Plus TX and FR-SKY X8R RX - all unaltered since previous successful flights.

Hope someone can help. Many thanks.

The pitch and despitch etc show that the craft moved exactly as it was instructed so I don’t think you can see any issues without RCIN being logged.