Ethernet Support

I notice that the new Holybro Pixhawk 5X has an Ethernet port. Does Ardupilot have support for Ethernet? Thanks.

There is work being done in that direction, yes. But it is not part of any stable release yet.

Thanks. I see some activity just today on Discord. I’m sure it’s not a coincidence.

Will be able to receive the RC channels and send the telemetry through that port?
I mean, using a generic ethernet datalink that does not have a Mavlink telemetry port and SBUS port

it would be a clean and simple solution, connect the datalink, the camera and the flight controller to a 3-port ethernet switch

Telemetry is mavlink based. So it just means mavlink over ethernet.

My understanding is that data links that support mavlink must inject a Message (RADIO_STATUS) into MAVLink stream. If you use a Ethernet datalink and then connect the pixhawk directly to this ethernet or using a ethernet switch connect a gimbal with video over ethernet and the flight controller, Does this messaje also have to be injected?

No, but you do need to provide HEARTBEAT messages

For reference here is the Ethernet talk by Sid and TomP at the 2023 developer conference.