Ethernet on holybro Pixhawk 6X

Hello, first I have to thank to all entire ardupilot team for the incredible work that you made until now. It’s amazing what you achieved.

I am interesting in use the ETH port (ethernet port) to send telemetry to a companion computer. I saw that in px4 firmware are possible, but in the 4.3.7 version on ardupilot is not, right?

Thank you.

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Initial ETH support was already added in ArduCopter 4.5.0-dev.
But I am not sure if telemetry is already routed through it.

And no, it will not work on older versions than that.

Thank you sir for your quick answer.
I will use the companion computer to send the telemetry to ethernet.

Hello @hilarioaraujo! Did you get the ETH connection up and running with telemetry and MAVLink messages? I am currently researching the same thing and wanted to see if you had any success with it. I want to find work arounds to the serial/UART connections between CC and FC. I think it is also possible with the JSTGH USB wire.

I want to connect a RPi 4B to the Pixhawk 6X (either CUAV or Holybro) via the ETH wire that comes with them. I havent gotten the FC yet, because I am still trying to choose between the orange cube, cuav, and holybro. But, if you were successful, then that will be another point in favor of holybro and cuav pixhawk. BTW, what CC are you using?

@Sanperez are you aware that you need to use ArduCopter firmware version 4.5.0-beta1 or newer for that to work?

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@amilcarlucas, really? The one that just came out a couple hours ago? Whoa.

I was not aware… but no issue, I’ll flash my FC when it gets here with the latest beta. Im still shopping around for a FC, but when I do get it, I’ll test it out to see if I can get the ETH working. A lot of cool sounding stuff just droped with the new release so I’m excited to tinker.