ESP32 Drone Bridge FC USB Connection

I’m out of UARTs on my FC (omnibus f4 nano v6.1) and want to set up an ESP32 Drone Bridge telemetry link.

Is it possible to set up serial 0 ie USB as a UART to connect ESP32 for Drone Bridge?

I don’t think that’s possible. You have two USB client devices and no host. It’d be a bit like connecting a USB mouse directly to a USB keyboard and expecting something to happen.

you would have to use a ESP32 that supported OTG like the ESP32-S2, I have no idea where you go from there.

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I forgot that OTG is available on some dev boards with the S2/S3, which would make it technically possible. I’m not sure there’s an existing project that takes advantage of that for serial telemetry. Neat boards, though!

not sure if this will work with the virtual com port of a stm32.

Apologies for the confusion but what I’m wanting to do is run a cable from the ESP32s UART to my FCs USB.

Thanks for all the suggestions anyway

It would have to be from the esp32 usb port to the flight controller usb. The esp32 would have to act as USB host and the only way I know of doing that is OTG mode via the usb port.

now that i think about it… the pins on esp32-S2 are not fixed you could reassign the USB pins or the serial to any pair of pins on the esp32 you want. but it couldn’t be client and host at the same time.

The answer doesn’t change. Only a select few ESP32 variants have the ability to act as a USB host.

Maybe I’ll explore the topic a bit more sometime. For now, you’re on your own to write some code or find an example to modify.