Esky Tx and Rx with apm?

ok so i’m kind of a newbie.
i have a bunch of motors and Escs and a frame and an APM 2.8.
so i want to buy i really cheap radio control and setup a quadcopter.
i found a guy that has a “Esky 6 channel transmitter with a receiver” and wants to sell them(realllly cheap).
apparently both of the transmitter and the receiver belong to a helicopter that crashed some time ago.
i didn’t found much about it online and i want to know if this radio control can work with an APM flight controller.
this is the transmitter:
i don’t have a picture of the receiver but as soon as i have one will post it here!

That transmitter typically came with small indoor hell’s - toys.
Its range will be dubious.
Are you sure it is 6 channel, as they were typically only 4 channel.
It’s not 2.4Ghz and I am sure FM/AM only so prone to interference.

If your paying more than $5 (with batteries) I would question it.

No I’m not paying more than $5.
So I have a few questions…
I just want to know that if I can use it with my APM or no.
So if the Tx and the Rx are working at the same frequency (not 2.4 Ghz) there should not be any problems with connecting to APM right?
And if it’s 4 channel is it possible to add a fifths one manually?
So this is the product I believe…
At this point I just have two questions:

  1. Can I use it with my apm?
  2. is it possible to add a fifth channel?

No and no. Do yourself a huge favor and buy a modern radio. I don’t normally recommend them, but some thing like a FlySky i6 or one of its variants would be a much better choice, and you can pick up a new Taranis QX7 for around $100.00.

OK I decided to buy a secondhanded FlySky I4x with a 6 channel receiver.
FlySky I4x is a 4 channel TX but is possible to add new channels right?

No, typicaly there is no way to add extra channels.

About Fs-i4x
Channels exist!
You just have to open it and add switches.
You can read about it on the I4x’s user manual.
If I’m not mistaken it has 10 channels but by default it only provides you the first 4 and you can setup the next 6 channels as you wish them;)