ESC's losing calibration

So I am not sure that this is the correct forum for this, but since I don’t see anyone else complaining about it I assume that it is pixhawk causing the problem…

I have 4 40A Hobbywing Platinum ESC’s that have twice now lost their throttle range calibration. The first time it happened in conjunction with the Pixhawk not starting due to a memory card problem. The second time I just powered it up, left it with FC power but no ESC power for about 10 minutes while i made some changes, and when I went to arm it the props didn’t spin up. If you try to take off like this it will oscillate quite a bit more then normal.

Any thoughts about why I am losing ESC calibration? All 4 of them act exactly the same after it happens where they dont recognize minimum or full throttle the same. The only way to get them working again is to factory reset all 4 with the program box then re-calibrate them.

Thanks for any help.

Hobbywing Platinum Pro 40A connected to Turnigy 4830 420 kv on 6s
Signal and ground wire connected to each esc from Pixhawk
Firmware is the latest stable, not using the RC that fixes the SD card issue yet.

Any thoughts?


Any thoughts? I continue to have this problem. for the first time the other day I only lost calibration in one ESC, though there is some other problem going on now. When I tried to change SD cards to a 16 gb class 10, I am not getting a good firmware install, it says it is installing px4 firmware, then when you try to connect telemetry it will either only update one parameter, or update like 150 then change to only reading paramater #xxx instead of the name. Could this be related? It happenned right before I left town so I didn’t get it diagnosed at all

I think you have us stumped

We have been tossing this around. Are you sure you have your throttle low when you press the safety button? You might have it higher than you think and are putting the ESC into calibration mode when you start up.

Yeah for sure they are calibrating, and they will work perfect for a while all starting up exactly the same.

I have large capacitors on them, I think tonight I accidently shorted the non battery side of the power cable, shorting the caps that are on the ESC’s, then after they didn’t work right, I suspect this may have been the cause? I will need to keep in mind to see if avoiding this solves that problem.

I should have been more clear with my question:

Are you sure you have your throttle low when you press the safety button to arm your copter?

If you have the throttle up and then press the safety switch perhaps they are seeing a high PWM value and going into calibrate mode again

have you seen this video and followed this procedure?

Yeah for sure.

I am sure that my RC controller is down when I start it yes. It acts different in Calibration mode, I am pretty sure it would be noticable with unable to arm, etc.

I am having the same exact issue as you. During ESC calibration, throttle works good. When I try to startup normally, it arms and the motors spin, but throttle doesnt react until passed 50% throttle.

I’d try removing the capacitors. I had nothing but trouble and all kinds of weird problems until I removed the capacitors on my hex. Just a thought.