ESC's Calibration mystake with sound (battery beep)

Hi everybody,

I received my quad a few days ago, all is ok compass calibration, radio etc…But during the ESC calibration after starting it, i heart only one beep for ma 3s Lipo battery (normally should be 3) and i don’t heart the 2 other beep corresponding to the max throttle acceptance. Then ,for the min throttle calibration i heart the 2 beep and the final long beep corresponding to calibration complete.
When i tried the motors they seem to be correctly calibrated but i’m not sure, when i armed the quad it is ok, motors are running in same time.
I used APM 2.6 with last firmware and ESC from 3DR ordered in November.

Any idea about this trouble ?

Thanks a lot

The current ESCs from 3DR only make 1 beep independent on the battery cells number.

The behavior you are describing seems normal to me.