ESC timing - according to the HobbyWing instructions

When I got my first multi-copter kit about 4 years ago, it came with four ESCs that I think were made by HobbyWing. It was a Hexsoon EDU-450 kit.

The kit included an instruction sheet on setting the timing on the ESCs. This sheet hasn’t been included on the last couple Hexsoon kits I’ve built.

According to the instructions - these ESCs have three timing levels - low, medium and high. I always set them to “medium” - because I didn’t have any specific information on this - and it seemed like a safe bet.

I’m building another one now - and I have a couple of questions:

  1. How common is it for basic PWM ESCs to have this procedure to set timing - or any other procedure?

  2. For a basic ArduPilot multi-copter - are there any advantages or disadvantages to any of the timings?

For reference, I’ve attached the current HobbyWing instructions. There’s sort of a typo - it doesn’t point out that a single “beep” is for the low timing. I’m pretty sure the instructions I got in my first kit or two mentioned that a single beep was for low, two beeps for medium, and three beeps for high.

Thanks for any comments!

User Manual XRotor-8A-10A-20A-40A ESC.pdf (327.9 KB)