ESC telemtry without DShot

Hi all,

I’d like to know if I can have esc telemetry without using DShot ? Let me explain i’ve a personnal board build with an Orange Cube, I’ve tried to use DShot and BLHeli pass through without success I’ve followed this tuto and after some researches I found this topic.
In this topic it’s say

For example, If you have a Cube type flight controller. For example a Cube Orange or CUAV V5+ you will only get Dshot from the aux pins. The cube Orange (most likely black as well) will give you 6 Dshot outputs on Aux 1-6. The CUAV v5+ will only give you Dshot on Aux 1-4, You will not have Dshot on AUx 5 and 6 due to a hardware conflict. Dshot is also what requests the telemetry from the ESCs.

And on my board my 6 motors are wire to pin 80-78_76_74_72_70 and these pins on 80 pin connector on Orange cube are not Aux outputs if I understand well. SO I’m looking for a way to implement ESC telemtry without DShot? i’ve searched but I didn’t find any information just on one topic it was say

Long and short… If you are not running Dshot and you want telemetry data you have to enable auto telemetry in the BLHeli_32 Firmware

What I’ve tried to do. Active auto telemetry with BLHeliSuite on one esc, solder a wire to my est T pad to Rx port on serial 5 connector. Set SERIAL5_PROTOCOL to 16 and SERIAL5_BAUD to 115 reboot system, but when I go in status all escX values are 0. My esc are TMOTOR F35A 5S

If someone can help me or advise me it would be great :blush:

I’ve just used an oscilloscope to test if I have a signal on T pad coming out my esc and yes I have it on the esc where I activated auto telemetry

blheli telemetry is part of dshot protocol its not active without dshot enabled.

Ah bad news for me also. Beceause if I try to activated dshot nothing works anymore, I can’t run motor test my esc bip but motors doesn’t run beceause I think (based on what I read) if I want to be able to use dshot protocol Aux port have to be used in Orange Cube FMU_CHX not IO_CHX

That’s right. With any Flight Controller with an IOMCU those channels are not Dshot capable.

Yep so bad to me I should have inquired before drawing my own pcb :sweat_smile: it’s a shame that we can’t have telemetry without DShot, it will be for a next version :slightly_smiling_face: