ESC telemetry wiring and OSD visibility

Hello all.
I’m using a pixhawk 1 and an esc with BLHeli 32 bit with prewired lead for esc telemetry on a fixed wing flying wing Falcon). Here’s the scoop from the wiki:

"The flight board requests telemetry from only one ESC at a time, cycling between them. The following data is logged in the ESCn log messages in your dataflash log. This can be viewed in any ArduPilot dataflash log viewer.

Total Current

This data can also be viewed in real-time using a ground station. If using the Mission Planner go to the Flight Data screen’s status tab and look for esc1_rpm."

It would seem the telemetry data should be available on my MicroMinim OSD (which works fine), but I’m new to this and find no info about wiring telemetry to the pixhawk uart5 other than the one picture in the wiki, which only shows it going to pin 4 (sorta), and nothing about esc telem. in the osd.
Has anyone done this?
Need a bit of help here.

@wazoo22 standalone OSD firmwares like ArduCamOSD or MinimOSDExtra do not support display of BLHeli telemetry data afaik, only ardupilot onboard OSD does. as per default this requires using an AIO-type flight controller with an onbaord MAX7456-type video overlay chipset. on a flight controller that exposes external SPI pins however (like pixhawk1) there are options to use SPI type OSD breakout boards or “hacked” standalone minimOSD hardware to make ardupilot onboard OSD accessible:

cheers, basti.

Just to clarify on this: it’s a limitation on the minimOSD firmware, not ArduPilot. If the OSD firmware maintainers shifted to supporting Mavlink2 then they could consume the esc telemetry. At the moment afaik the firmwares for minimosd are Mavlink1 only.

Great info. Thanks a lot. Need to study up- on the raw edge of my technical competence

None of us have a good appreciation of everything - which is one of the strengths of having a forum. It means no one has to understand it all!