Esc telemetry for Current

Not sure what I’m missing here running MATEKH743 fc BD firmware not getting my esc telm on serial 1 and 2 even tho I choose esc telm for both serial ports any one have an idea what I’m missing??

ArduCopter 4.3.4-rc1 or newer?

Post a link to .bin flight log.

The firmware is MATEKH743 firmware 4.3.3

Mission Planner 1.379 stable build

here is a log to this setup

Literally Built a different cinelifter less than 2 months ago with same firmware’s. Flight controller , esc’s and motors were the same. Now I can’t get any esc telemetry nor my OSD on googles to work. I’m confused!!

Next time please post in the correct category. I’ve corrected it now.

If the FC parameters are the same, check your wiring and ESC FW settings.

Try disabling one of the 2 UARTS you have configured for ESC Telemetry.

Now it is showing voltage. Not accurately Its 12s it should be between 47v-52v. But it only shows 4v. Wondering if I Should make adjustments to Battery Monitor settings.?

Param settings:

There APD F3 120 ESC’s check the configuration tool and everything looks good. Check the connection points nothing looks out of wack disabling one of the serial ports for esc telemetry does give me some info at the moment just not an accurate reading of voltage. I used a voltage meter and all 8 ESC’s are reading 48v. Wonder if the firmware upgrade of the esc changed something but it was an upgrade for heat management. :man_facepalming:t5:

There are no settings for ESC Telemetry. There are some options but I don’t think they scale anything.

I see. Well I guess I have to old school it with a buzzer or time flights accordingly. It’s showing voltage meaning the pins are connected correctly not sure what other options are available. Thanks for helping out!!

That looks like a single cell voltage.

Yea that’s what I was thinking is there a way to adjust for correct voltage reading??

No, it´s all digital, no analog multipliers.
So it is possibly a FW incompatability

Good point I would go to an older firmware but believe forgive me if I’m wrong that the newest firmware supports BD Dshot for 8 motors which is necessary since this build is. X8 Cinelifter

Do not downgrade ArduCopter firmware!!!
Downgrade the ESC firmware, that is where the problem is.

Ok will do thanks :pray:t4:

Question off topic but DJI FPV is also not showing any telemetry any ideas??