ESC Telemetry connection


I’m sure you will find this question reveals the obvious truth that this is my first drone build. I’ve got a holybro durandal flight controller, Holybro PM07 PDB and Holybro Tekko32 Metal ESC’s. I’m at a loss as to the Telemetry connection from the ESC.

Where do I connect ESC telemetry to?

Currently I’ve got 12awg power run to the ESC, a 2200uf cap, the three phase motor connection with 16awg, PWM, and data gnd connected with 22awg. I’m scratching my head about the return telemetry data connection.


Maybe I should post this as a separate question. Anyone got a link to a page or doc that can explain what the “CAP & ADC” section of the PM07 PDB is for? Seems like a lot of board real estate dedicated to this…

Google “Ardupilot ESC Telemetry”. Top of the list is the Wiki link for ESC telemetry.

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Thanks, What’s blowing my mind now is that everything I’ve found suggests connecting multiple ESC telemetry outputs to a single UART on the FC. Is that right? Won’t they just talk over each other?

Yes, that’s right and no they won’t.

Thanks! Any chance you could shed light on CAP & ADC? I’m thinking maybe a capacitor bank and an Analog to Digital controller? Doesn’t really make sense in my mind, but maybe.

Cap is for Capture and there are 2 spare ADC inputs. I don’t know how they are configured in firmware.

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Thanks again for your help. Understanding the acronyms and abbreviations goes a long way toward understanding the whole system!

I finally managed to get everything wired up, unless I add an FPV type camera/video transmitter to the drone. Should be in the air as soon as I can design and print a mount for the battery (tattu plus 10,000).

For some reason I had picked up QGroundControl instead of Mission planner when I first started working on it. There’s some incompatibilities in the dev build of arducopter that supports durandal and QGroundControl. As soon as I switched to Mission Planner, things (software wise) started going a lot smoother. I wish I’d figured that out before I wasted nearly 500 bucks on an un-necessary controller (QGroundControl was demanding one). I guess that’s how you learn a lesson the hard way.