ESC Telemetry as Power Module


I have small idea for firmware improvement.
Now the BL-Heli support is available and FC can read telemetry from the ESC.
Why the ESC telemetry is not appear in power tab, to be used as battery readings Voltage and Current?

It can be. Set battery monitor type to 9.
If you have more than one, set the first battery monitor to “sum”, type 10, then set a battery monitor to type 9 for each esc. ArduPilot supports up to ten battery monitors, so you could have 9 ESC’s feeding telemetry if you want.

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Can you give me some documentation how to set this kind of battery readings.

In my case i have plane with 2 battery.
The first one power FC with all electronics + Servo controls.
The second one power only the motor.

First battery is connected to 3DR power module
Second is connected to ESC and i have plan to set ESC telemetry on spare UART

In this case GSC receive readings from first battery, which cannot be drained in one flight.
My idea is to make somehow to read second battery and show this value in GSC as primary battery source.
Also i don’t know how will react file-safe in this case.

Will be good and easy if have this settings in battery menu.
For example to be added ESC Telemetry as battery monitor.
And additional parameter main battery reading source.
In this case non advanced user can set 2 battery models with couple of mouse clicks.