ESC suitable for LiIon (2.5v or no cutoff)

Hi all! Faced simple issue when switched from LiPo to LiIon. All ESC models I’ve tried have between 3 - 3.5 voltage cutoff. In skywalker v2 it is possible to disable cut-off. But they start 6s models only from 60A (I need 30-40 due to weight).

Can anyone recommend ESC without cut-off voltage ? Thank you!

Does your ESC run a digital protocol? Connect to it via BLHeliSuite and check for low voltage protection. Honestly that’s the first time I’m hearing of low-voltage protection on an ESC. Usually this stuff is ruled by the FC.

Thank you for responce. No, I don’t have digital ESC’s. Need something “classic” wich doesn’t require additional setup e.t.c

all escs need setup in some way. most are just programmed with the motor beeps using the throttle. on most escs its just called battery mode so you need to change the esc from lipo mode to nimh mode. that will disable the low voltage protections.

@geofrancis By setup - I mean no additional welding, BlHeli firmware setup require. Time is super critical.
Can you maybe recommend ESC’s wich still support NiMh ? I checked few, they don’t support

you can use blheli pass through to set them up while they are connected to the flight controller, you dont need extra hardware.