ESC suggestions

was looking through the forum but couldn’t find anything which came near my question…

I’m looking for some suggestions for a good esc with braking for 18’’ props and 330kv motors on 6s.

It is more or less about the breaking. currently using some cheap dys esc with simonK and missing the ability of esc braking.

Any suggestions are welcome. Or just text which esc you are using on 6s

I use these 30A escs:

On my Tarot 650, 380kv motors 1555 props 5S, they work very well, they are realy small and light, they use braking and they will go up to 6S.

Are there any other suggestions? Especially for a big rig with 960mm diameter and 18’’ props??


This site,, has a little bit of info. for flying. Good luck. I am a novice still but I am trying to find out about ideas too.


Why do you need braking?

I thought i will give it a try since Leonard suggested it in another topic Copter 3.5.0-RC6 autotune problem

Just trying something new because my props are quite heavy