ESC signal wires only?

Noob question here, I guess. :blush:

Can I safely remove the ground wires as well as the red wires from the ESCs to the APM, using just the 4 signal wires?

The APM is powered by a power module, the receiver is powered from a “TURNIGY 5-7.5A (8~42v) HV UBEC” and the FPV gear is powered by a 12v regulator and filter.

The ESC are TBS 30a Bullet Proof ones. It is all powered from the same LiPo.

Many thanks

Yes, you can safely remove the black (ground) lines as all the components already have a common ground. And you should definitely remove the red power lines because you don’t really want the BECs in the ESCs to provide parallel power to the APM which already gets its power from the power module.

Thank you. That’s pretty much as I suspected, but I just wanted to double check. :slight_smile: