ESC reverse PIN/signal?


Im planning to use 2x zs-x11h ESC together with MATEK H743-WING v3.
Left and Righ Brushless hoverboard motors - skied steer.


Im not sure how to setup all together.

  1. Motor type DCBrushedWithRelay I guess?
  2. Relay1 and Relay2 set as reverse signal which goes to DIR pin on ESC? - but don’t know how to assign this Relay to MATEK board?
  3. In SERVO OUTPUT possition#1 means S1 on MATEK board?

Id like to assign possition#2 (MATEK S2) as DIR (low or high signal) but there is no RELAY1 on the list.


As Im totally new my understanding might be completly wrong.
Thx for any help :slight_smile:

Configure the ESC for PWM input and set mot_pwm_type back to default (pwm)

This isnt a rc controller. It uses duty cycle input.

Brushed with relay is correct, but you need to go into all parameters and set relay 1 and 2 option to brushed reverse.

They are square wave controller so dont have much torque at low speed they are better for fast or geared vehicles.

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Ah OK. I saw a PWM IN Jumper and made a bad assumption. Thanks for the correction!

So… like on the printscreens?

servo out goes to PWM in on the controller and relay output connects to DIR input on the controller.

So in my case, position#1 is S1 on the controller and position#3 is S3?
But where is DIR1 DIR2 (or Relay1 Relay2)

RELAYx_PIN is what im looking for :+1: