ESC recommendation for hubmotors

I have a set of hubmotors here normally used in a hoverboard.
They are 350W and in the hoverboard operate on 36V

I like to use these for a larger rover.

Does anyone have recommendations for an esc that works with ardurover and these hubmotors?

I’ve never used hubmotors but maybe RoboClaw has a compatible motor driver? It’s just a guess because they have a fairly decent range of products.

They are basicly big brushless motors, so any good brushless controller should do.
Maybe a good forward reverse esc for rc cars.

I think I’m going to try vesc, then at least I’m able to modify everything in the esc to make it work.

But I don’t like being the first to try, if there is someone already using something I rather go with that then putting my money into parts I’m not sure will work.

My 10" hub motors did not work well with regular brushless RC ESCs. I tried simonk, blheli, blheli32, kissESC and sensored car ESCs. The car ESCs worked great in one direction, but did only stutter in reverse. Do also not try cheap brushless sensored ESCs from ebay/amazon etc.(forgot the name), they are a waste of money. Bad brake implementation, bad slow start and so on. I ended up buying Flipsky FSESC from ebay. They are based on Benjamin Vedder’s VESC 4.12 and work just great. Autodetection of motor/sensor parameters, configurable in any way imaginable, multiple ways to control them and not to expensive.
There is also the Odrive dual ESC and some ESCs meant for brushless CNC drives should also work.
Edit: My hubmotors work great on 4s, giving my rover a top speed of around 3m/s, while pulling three kids on skateboards. So no need to go up to 36V. Unless you want to drive your rover in road traffic ;-).

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I was indeed looking at the flipsky FSESC.

So I think I will order those.

I dont need a lot of speed so will also try if 4s is enough.
Thanx for the tip.

Sorry for all the blahblah. For some reason I totally missed you mentioning VESC in your post…

Haha, no problem. Without all the blah blah I probably would not have looked any further. :wink:

Hi. Sorry for late reply.
There are some guys hacking the firmware of hoverboards to be able to control them in different ways like, radio control, potentometers, nintendo nunchucks, uart etc. .
I use it for my robot lawnmower.