ESC recommendation for 960-class hexacopter

I had a recent crash while autotuning my Tarot T960 hexacopter with Cube Orange. I believe it might have been one of the ESCs desyncing during the process. The tune went on for a couple of minutes before one of the arms went dead and the drone hit the ground hard. Anyway, I’m looking for a new ESC now, preferably with BLHeli_32 and Dshot and would like some recommendations. Here’s the current build:

  • Tarot T960 frame
  • 18 inch props
  • Tarot 340 kV 5008 motors
  • 12 Ah li-po
  • total AUW of ~8kgs
  • Cube Orange

Has anyone had any experience with Frsky Neuron 40/60S? They seem really neat but seems their main target is RC plane.

Here are some other options I am considering:

The last two seem like they are intended for racing quads. What’s a good reliable, industry standard ESC for a build like this?

The APD ESCs are probably going to be the most rugged reliable ESCs, support DSHOT and so on…
Despite being sold by RDQ in this case, they are suitable for running large low-kv motors.

Marketed for racing quads would be a better description. It doesn’t matter what craft or motor kV they are used for. Same with the iFlight’s they market as X-class.