ESC recommendation for 960-class hexacopter

I had a recent crash while autotuning my Tarot T960 hexacopter with Cube Orange. I believe it might have been one of the ESCs desyncing during the process. The tune went on for a couple of minutes before one of the arms went dead and the drone hit the ground hard. Anyway, I’m looking for a new ESC now, preferably with BLHeli_32 and Dshot and would like some recommendations. Here’s the current build:

  • Tarot T960 frame
  • 18 inch props
  • Tarot 340 kV 5008 motors
  • 12 Ah li-po
  • total AUW of ~8kgs
  • Cube Orange

Has anyone had any experience with Frsky Neuron 40/60S? They seem really neat but seems their main target is RC plane.

Here are some other options I am considering:

The last two seem like they are intended for racing quads. What’s a good reliable, industry standard ESC for a build like this?